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Who is Robin Smith?

A little bit about me…

Hi, I am Robin Smith.

I'll be completely honest with you…I do not have some rags to riches story like you hear from most network marketers.

I'm just a regular girl who was looking for something more than what she had.

Back in 2007, I was working in a breast cancer research lab. Can you picture Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory?

That was me!

I was a shy, awkward lab tech.

I was searching online (Ebay to be specific) and came across an ad for a network marketing company.

After reading the sales letter, I requested a booklet to be mailed to me. Remember this was 2007!

5 days later the booklet arrived.

I was hooked by the 2nd page.

Residual income…the idea that you can work today and continually earn from that it forever.

Who doesn't want that…Right?

So I went to work….

So here's my “sad” news…my sponsor was useless. He was as brand new as I was to this industry.

What good is that, right? I'm shy, I have no marketing experience.

So what did I do?

Did I quit?


I started researching how to market!

And I started taking that knowledge and began building my team.

And with my help – my team started building their time.

And so on…

And I was making decent money month after month.

But something didn't feel right…

It was that nagging feeling that if something happened to that network marketing company, I'd lose everything.

Because I unfortunately, marketing the company…not ME!

I continued this for years.

Until 2014, I started became one of the original founders of Networking Superstars along with other successful network marketers from all over the industry.

And I began earning multiple streams of income and most importantly branding ME!

Since then, I've written 2 products – 6 Steps to Instagram Success and 1 Hour Business.

I'm generating leads daily.

I'm making sales.

And most of all…I'm branding ME!

So now if my network marketing business does go under (because let's me honest, it happens)…I will still be here!

And I will still be generating income from multiple streams other than just my network marketing company including affiliate marketing products and services, coaching and training, and personal information creation.

I have a Morning Mantra picture hung on my bedroom door that I say daily.

Yes, I want to help as many people as I can achieve success.

This is why my dedication is going to show you how to market yourself successfully on Instagram in this blog.

I am just a regular girl.

And if shy little ‘ol me can do it?


I had a DREAM and I wouldn't let anything stop me until I ACHIEVED IT!

And this is why you are reading this. You have a DREAM too…

Let me help you ACHIEVE IT!

So, let's talk soon!

Your good friend,

Robin Smith

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