When I first started selling courses, I had VERY limited options.

I chose the cheapest path. I already had OptimizePress & MembersPress, so I went with that. I manually did EVERYTHING.

  • I added people manually to the “course” email list when they bought.
  • I sent out the lessons manually each week
  • When someone had a tech issue (which ALWAYS happened), I had to go hunting around for the issue and spending even more time.

Now, don't get me wrong OptimizePress is amazing…but theres a STEEP learning curve!!! Let's just say…more like a mountain of a learning curve!



Look, by the time I finally switched my butt over to JVZoo Member I was longgg overdue for a systems overhaul. My current way of doing things had started to crumble under the weight of our growing sales, number of students, and features that we needed.

A few months ago, Simon Harries came to me about a BRAND NEW project he was working on that would be the ANSWER I needed. 

I sure as hell wasn’t going to be caught in the situation I was in again – flailing around with technology, hacking together wonky ways of doing things, and generally cursing tech and my business and wondering when the insanity would end.


  • Scale-able: You want to choose systems that are “beginner friendly”. What would happen if your business went from having 20 students to having 200 students? What would happen if you got 1000 students? Would your current system for selling and delivering courses still hold up?
  • Passive: Think about how passive your system or software is now. Are there tiny admin tasks taking up your day? If you went away for a week, would your courses still run smoothly? Are you doing unnecessary tasks because your platforms aren’t that great?
  • Automation: Does your platform have the ability to automate your tasks? For example, when someone signs up for this course, they get that email, and then an invitation to this forum. You want to make sure you can set up automations in your systems so you’re not doing that stuff yourself, or paying someone to do it (automate, then delegate).
  • Protected content: This one is pretty obvious, but how protected is your content? I was definitely having some real issues with people sharing their log-ins, forwarding their friends my courses, and all sorts of other headaches before I started using my current system, JVZoo Member. You want your content to be protected and in a course site that looks good and works well.
  • Ease of use: Here’s what I believe – if you can’t use your platforms yourself and make changes yourself, you don’t really own it. I say this all the time to WordPress users who do not know how their sites work, and therefore need to ask their developer to make changes, you are at the mercy of those systems and let’s be honest, you don’t even truly own your site if that’s the case. I want you yo use systems that are so easy to use, anyone could figure it out, but that also have all of the features of the big, fancy, complex systems. This is my criteria for everything now – it has to be easy to use but also have the features of the most robust software.
  • Affiliates: You need to be using a course software that makes affiliates very simple. If you don't have affiliate capabilities, you’ll be smacking yourself down the line for not thinking ahead. Just because you might not need this feature TODAY doesn’t mean you won’t need it a month from now. Keep that in mind. (I am obsessed with JVZoo Member because they pay out my affiliates for me. This feature alone is literally worth it’s weight in gold).
  • One Central Hub: One thing I always struggled with before we switched to JVZoo Member was the idea of having a “shop” full of courses on my site. When we got to the point of having multiple courses, my system at the time had no “central hub” where someone could browse what we offered. With JVZoo Member, you have a “hub”, and then within your school or academy are your courses.
  • Customers think I'm amazing & professional: I can’t tell you how many emails we get every week from ecstatic students in our courses that have logged into our program in JVZoo Member and been absolutely DELIGHTED with the user experience from their side. I get so many compliments about how professional we are, how our courses are the “most organized and easy to do courses ever”, and how intuitive and enjoyable our course platform is to use.
  • Easily Transfer Other Courses: You’re able to transfer any course, training or membership area FROM ANYWHERE, ANY PLATFORM in less than 10 minutes.

  • Quick & Easy: You’re able to create a full blown training area, and the marketing material to sell it in less than 30 minutes. What happens when something needs to be changed or edited and your tech person is on vacation? I am so so serious about this. I don’t have to be the tech person, I don’t have to know everything – but if I can’t fix something on my own in a pinch, then we are NOT using that software. Not happening. Nope.

  • Analytics: Fully stacked analytics lets you keep track of customers, alerts you when customers have completed a course, offers them new products, as well as let’s you know all the data you need, from customer location to login session – ALL IN ONE PLACE.

  • Inexpensive: You can cover the cost of the software from selling just ONE license of a course that is created.

Create your JVZoo Member account here and start now!

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