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“More Time, More Leads” Combo Pack…

And it includes:

1. The Results Machine 3.0 Productivity Software
2. The 100 L.eads Method Audio Training Program

Plus much, much more…

(Full details below)

So, if you’re currently struggling for time and want to find a way to “magically” make more time for your business so you can generate more leads and prospects and recruit more reps faster…

Then this combo pack is PERFECT for you…

Many of you know I'm super productive and scheduled, but I know not everyone is that way.

But when running a business, you'll be successful when your productive and scheduled.

See, many years ago my good friend shared this incredible piece of software with me and my team to help us stay 100% focused on getting results in our business…

By using The Results Machine 3.0 everyday, you’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll get done, and how much more money you’ll make as a result…

Why, because you’ll be focused! You’ll sit down, get to work, get it done and see the results!

Giving you much more focused time to then be able to spend with your family and do the things you want to do in life instead of working 24/7!

No more shiny object syndrome… and no more jumping from program to program and task to task…

You will literally become an ACTION MACHINE

And when you couple it with the 100 Leads Method audio training program, you’ll learn exactly how to generate your first 100 Network Marketing Leads in the next 30 days…(I share what I would do if I was starting over).

All you need to do is decide what your daily tasks and action steps will be for the day, plug them into the Results Machine and get to work…

And just watch what happens!

So, here’s what you get as part of the “More Time, More Leads” Combo Pack:

You Will Get:

1) The Results Machine 3.0 Software – This dynamic, easy-to-use software is built specifically to help you take massive action and to get things done fast! Works on both Mac and PC (Value $197.00)

Here's a demo so you can see how POWERFUL the Machine is in action for you and your business:

2) The Results Unleashed! Training Guide – In this guide you’ll discover 23 simple, but proven strategies for helping you achieve more results every day (Value $97.00)

3) 3 Steps To Get Things Done Clarity Map – A beautifully illustrated one-page guide filled with strategies to help you get things done (Value $47.00)

4) How To Hit Your Goals Clarity Map – Another beautifully illustrated one-page guide with powerful reminders for how to reach your goals (Value $47.00)

5) Double Your Business Productivity Webinar Replay – which will teach you 5 of the awesome productivity hacks you can use to get twice as much done in half the time. (Value $97.00)


6) The 100 Leads Method Core Training Program – This 7-Step, THREE (3) Hour training program will teach you exactly how-to quickly generate your first 100 Network Marketing leads and re-build your warm market from scratch so you can begin pulling in pre-qualified prospects like crazy. (Value $197.00)

7) The 6-Step Recruiting Machine – In this underground training you’ll learn the high level 6-step process you need to take on a daily basis to turn your leads into new sign ups in ANY opportunity. (Miss any one of these steps and you’re destined to struggle). (Value $97.00)

8) Daily Lead Generation Success Affirmations Audio – Listen to this inspiring, empowering 5-minute affirmations Audio daily and start reprogramming your subconscious mind to generate more leads in your home-based business… Guaranteed! (Value $97.00)

9) The 6 “Uncovering” Power Questions Cheatsheet – By taking your new leads through this sequence of 6 messages, you’ll move the conversation forward faster and make it much easier to sponsor new reps into your business… (Value $97.00)

10) Zero to 100 in 30 Days – Listen to these 5 interviews with our top lead generators and in.come earners where they explain exactly what they would do to generate 100 leads in the next 30 days if they had to start all over again from scratch… (Value $197.00) (You'll hear my interview of what I'd do if I was starting over in this one)

Total Package Value = $1,170.00

Regular Package Price for everybody else = $197.00

For the next 48 hours, you get The “More Time, More L.eads” Combo Pack For:

ONLY $49!

That is a MASSIVE, MASSIVE saving!

You have to act fast – it’s only available for the Next 48 hours…

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If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Simply let me know how I can help…

A Little FYI:

– This software WILL work on both Mac and PC, however it is NOT available for mobile devices.

– This special offer will expire 11:59pm Thursday 3rd August so take action now…

– You get both The Results Machine AND 100 Leads Method + Bonuses as part of this package. That's the strategy and the software to implement the strategy 🙂 Very POWERFUL!



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